Retro Ads, Cars & Soap; Protecting What Was Once Good and Could Be Again

As you browse through your local store shelves, you may discover some old brands made new by being made old again.  So how does that work?  Doritos, Pepsi products and long time soap brands such as Tide and Bounce are bringing back the branding of their former selves.

Branding attempts to shape the image of a product or service.  It has to do with the way the consumer perceives the product or service.  Some see this retro marketing as nothing more than an interest in nostalgia, but I disagree.  Retro branding is another way to build again on what is already a strong brand.  In our down-turned economy since at least 2008, people are making harder choices when it comes to purchasing decisions.  By reminding consumers that a brand has been around since the last depression, the real message is the brand will be here through this economy too.  These products are also trying to convey an image of quality.  Consumers want quality which translates to value; consequently, browsing turns to buying.

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