Private Individuals

Here at DeGeorge Law LLC, we represent private individuals regarding legal issues that are closer to home.


Individuals may need assistance protecting works of art, music or film projects.  Sometimes private individuals get cease and desist notices related to many types of intellectual property uses.  It is not always easy to know when you can use someone else’s copyrighted work in a project such as a film, documentary, fine art and advertising.  DeGeorge Law can help clear copyrighted works for permissible commercial use.


Obtaining a registered Trademark from the USPTO is usually one of the first steps in creating and protecting your brand.  Proper use of trademarks can not only create and protect your brand, but can substantially increase the value of your business. We can help you establish, maintain and protect your trademarks.

File Sharing cases – isp subpoena defense for alleged COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT


If you have received a letter from an Internet Service Provider giving notice that you are being sued for downloading movies on the internet, you need competent legal help.  Here at DeGeorge Law LLC, we can help resolve those issues before they turn into expensive lawsuits and help you protect your online privacy.


Have you ever searched for a product and then discovered the thing you were searching is now appearing in all the banner advertisements on every web page you visit?  That is not an accident. It is called behavioral marketing.  Companies are gathering a lot of information about you.  How much information can a company collect about your identity, your likes and dislikes, your medical history, your income level or your occupation.  What does all this information say about you?  What do the collectors of your private information do with it? Can you do anything about collection of your information?