Turning Water into Wine – Chinese Piracy Develops a Taste for Fine Wine

When we think of Chinese piracy we think of knock off DVD’s, phones, movies, watches and other digital technologies.  Recently, sales of French wine in China have skyrocketed, sending the price of Bordeaux soaring.  Why? Bordeaux futures have surpassed gold prices and are outpacing the market by nearly 9 times. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/3/599ef204-7271-11e0-96bf-00144feabdc0,s01=1.html#axzz1L4XRHaoP.   It is no wonder that Chinese pirates are now selling fake bottles of Château Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Cadet and Canadian Ice Wines to name a few.  It is estimated that 5% of the secondary wine market is dealing in counterfeit wine.  http://www.forbes.com/global/2006/0619/086.html.


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